Henna Cotton White Bedding Collection by Kevin O’Brien Studio

Add some modern luxury to your bedroom with Henna Cotton White Coverlet and custom dyed decorative pillows and throws from Kevin O’Brien Studio. #DefiningElegance #KevinOBrienStudio Henna printed pieces feature swirling, large-scale paisleys. The Brush Stroke duvet, a velvet beauty, is perfect for those chilly nights. Add more panache to the collection with a selection of pillows and throws. This collection may be yours by visiting:

Kevin O’Brien Studio Henna Cotton Coverlet & Accessories

The Henna White Coverlet collection features decorative pillows, a throw, and a duvet in the Coyote and Blush colorways.

Kevin O’Brien Triangles Velvet Pillows

Kevin O'Brien Studio Triangles Velvet Decorative Pillow

A new introduction from Kevin O’Brien Studio, the graphic Triangles velvet pillow is rich in colors and bold design.  They’re handmade to order and available in a range of sizes.  We invite you to view all 11 colors in this collection as well as more offerings from Kevin O’Brien Studio at DefiningElegance.com.

Kevin O’Brien Studio – Aurora Bedding


Let Kevin O’Brien’s artistic Aurora bedding create a work of art each time you make your bed.  Embraced by a bevy of colors and textures, this stunning ensemble of a linen/cotton duvet, a unique collection of velvet decorative pillows, and a luscious patchwork coverlet is only one of many possibilities.  We invite you view more Kevin O’Brien bedding and decorative pillow collections offered on DefiningElegance.com.

Kevin O’Brien Studio – Aurora Bedding

Kevin O’Brien Studio Bedding – Brocade Velvet Bedding


Luxurious and unique, the various elements of Kevin O’Brien Studio’s lush hand-painted velvets – the duvets, coverlets, decorative pillows, shams, and throws – create the ultimate bedding ensemble.  Kevin O’Brien uses a devoré (also called burnout) technique to create a semi-transparent design in the velvet.  Dyes are mixed in customized colors and several layers are applied to give each design its remarkable appearance.  With over 30 color options and several design options to choose from, a customized look can be achieved by mixing and matching colors and patterns.

Kevin O’Brien Studio Bedding – Brocade Velvet Bedding

Kevin O’Brien Studio Aurora Bedding – Blue Skies

Kevin O'Brien Studio Aurora Bedding - Blue Skies

Discover numerous possibilities with Kevin O’Brien Studio’s collection of duvets, shams, coverlets, throws, and decorative pillows.  The Aurora collection features an exquisite hand painted 100% Belgian linen with a range of colors, creating a refined and subtle ombre across the whole duvet.  As shown: Aurora linen duvet in ‘blue skies’, Aurora linen shams in ‘blue skies’, textural linen euro in ‘blue skies’, quilted channel linen accent pillow in ‘blue skies’, solid velvet large boudoir pillow in ‘mint’.

Kevin O’Brien Studio Aurora Bedding – Blue Skies

Kevin O’Brien Studio Metallic Willow Velvet Dec Pillow & Bedding

Kevin O'Brien Studio Metallic Willow Velvet Dec PillowThese hand-painted silk/rayon velvet decorative pillows draw inspiration from art deco and the magnificent willow tree, but expressed through the imagination of Kevin O’Brien Studio. Many people who have been in close proximity to a willow tree have witnessed or experienced the impressive grandeur of these trees. The sound of the branches swaying in the wind are like music composed by a classic composer. The natural draping of the branches and leaves around the tree are absolutely beautiful. This Kevin O’Brien Studio pillow is available in many different sizes. It is also available in bedding as a duvet, sham and throw.

Kevin O’Brien Studio Metallic Willow Velvet Dec Pillow & Bedding

Kevin O’Brien Studio Times Vol. 1 No. 2

DefiningElegance.com invites you to view the latest Kevin O’Brien Studio Times issue featuring articles about his new bedding line.  If you’ve a fan of the Kevin O’Brien decorative pillows, you’ll be happy to hear about the launch of these amazing bedding ensembles that coordinate with the popular KOB decorative pillows and accessories.   All Kevin O’Brien Studio products are available on DefiningElegance.com

Kevin O’Brien is an artist known for creating the most beautifully dyed-fabric decorative pillows in the world. Those same exquisite dyed fabrics are now available as bedding. To review his artistic creations please click here:

Kevin O’Brien Studio Decorative Pillows & Bedding



Kevin O’Brien Studio Metallic Links Velvet Dec Pillow


You’ve seen it on the runway and now it’s trending in home decor.  There’s something about the lustrous shine of metallic accessories that can change the look of a room.  Add a touch glamour to your home with the Metallic Links velvet decorative pillows from Kevin O’Brien Studio.   Dyes are mixed in customized colors and several layers are applied to give each design its unique appearance.  The added metallic design gives this pillow even more personality and appeal.  Available in 14 amazing colors.  Find the complete line of Kevin O’Brien decorative pillows at DefiningElegance.com

Kevin O’Brien Studio Metallic Links Velvet Dec Pillow

Interview: Kevin O’Brien Studio

KevinObrien_LIfestyle_0928-BlogKevin O’Brien

Chris_Looking_at_Samples-blog KevinObrien_LIfestyle_0606-BlogKevin O’Brien Staff

DefiningElegance.com has been offering luxurious decorative pillows and bedding from Kevin O’Brien Studio for many years.  The very popular velvet  pillows, duvets, shams, and throws are handcrafted using a devoré technique that creates a “burnout” effect and are dyed using customized colors.  Other home accessories are created using embellished linens,  printing, and shibori techniques.

The following is an interview with Kevin O’Brien, published by the PatternObserver.com, a blog for textile designers.  It takes us behind the scenes to see how this gifted artist finds the inspiration for his designs, details about the creative process and his talented staff, and how he got his start in the home textile industry.

Interview as written in:

Photography by Michael Spain Smith

Available on:

Kevin O’Brien Studio Decorative Pillows

Kevin O’Brien Studio Bedding