Kevin O’Brien Studio – Aurora Bedding


Let Kevin O’Brien’s artistic Aurora bedding create a work of art each time you make your bed.  Embraced by a bevy of colors and textures, this stunning ensemble of a linen/cotton duvet, a unique collection of velvet decorative pillows, and a luscious patchwork coverlet is only one of many possibilities.  We invite you view more Kevin O’Brien bedding and decorative pillow collections offered on

Kevin O’Brien Studio – Aurora Bedding

Interview: Kevin O’Brien Studio

KevinObrien_LIfestyle_0928-BlogKevin O’Brien

Chris_Looking_at_Samples-blog KevinObrien_LIfestyle_0606-BlogKevin O’Brien Staff has been offering luxurious decorative pillows and bedding from Kevin O’Brien Studio for many years.  The very popular velvet  pillows, duvets, shams, and throws are handcrafted using a devoré technique that creates a “burnout” effect and are dyed using customized colors.  Other home accessories are created using embellished linens,  printing, and shibori techniques.

The following is an interview with Kevin O’Brien, published by the, a blog for textile designers.  It takes us behind the scenes to see how this gifted artist finds the inspiration for his designs, details about the creative process and his talented staff, and how he got his start in the home textile industry.

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Photography by Michael Spain Smith

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Kevin O’Brien Studio Decorative Pillows

Kevin O’Brien Studio Bedding



Kevin O’Brien Metallics Velvet Dec Pillow


Kevin O’Brien artistic impression of hanging willows exhibit a beautiful interpretation in the Metallics Velvet Dec Pillows collection. Hanging willows have a charm all of their own.   These beautiful plants radiate their surroundings with graceful hanging branches and leaves that fan out.  We believe that Mr O’Brien has captured the charm of these plants with his artistic designed dec pillows. These dec pillows are available in the colors Antique, Citron, Coral, Cornflower, Dove, Emerald, White, Raspberry.

Please visit Kevin O’Brien Metallics Velvet Dec Pillows to view large images of each available color for these artistic pillows.


Kevin O’Brien Houndstooth Velvet Dec Pillow

The Houndstooth velvet pillow from Kevin O’Brien Studio has given this check pattern a new identity and purpose. The houndstooth pattern has always been a popular fashion fabric for decades and continues to be a classic.  Originally introduced in men’s fashions, the houndstooth has been a favorite of designers of women’s fashion as well.  These decorative pillows in hand-painted silk and rayon velvet  honor the houndstooth check and introduce a growing trend to use them in home decor.  Available in seven luscious color choices (aqua, citron, dusk, iris, peacock, pink/gold, and shark) and 14 sizes.

Kevin O’Brien Houndstooth Velvet Dec Pillow

Kevin O’Brien Studio Watercolor Scenery Dec Pillows


This new watercolor series from Kevin O’Brien captures the beauty of coastal life in decorative pillows the same way a painting can touch our emotions.  The activity of lobster boats, recreational boating, and nature’s dramatic sunrises and sunsets gives the sense of a relaxed and casual resort town or a quaint European village.  While taking in the magnificent colors and detail, one can only imagine nearby historical taverns, charming bed and breakfasts, and restaurants serving up fresh steaming lobsters. No matter how they affect the viewer, these decorative pillows are small works of art that will be appreciated and enjoyed.  You can almost smell the salt air.

Kevin O’Brien Studio Watercolor Scenery Dec Pillows

Kevin O’Brien Studio Merino Throws

Kevin O’Brien Studio produces a modern take on traditional designs. Their embroidered merino wool throws are offered in two patterns, which are edged in silk/rayon velvet, and embellished with velvet appliqué.   The Ferns pattern is offered in a camel throw with the ferns in brown, a pale blue throw with the ferns in brown (as shown in the photo), and an ivory throw with the ferns in black.  The Branches pattern is offered  in Pistachio and Avocado.  Placed on your bed or sofa, these plush throws add beauty, color, and a touch of something unique.

You can find these throws and other luxurious home goods at

Kevin O’Brien Studio Merino Throws