Start with High Quality Basic Bedding

Before lavishing your bed with luxury linens, start with high quality basics. SDH Enterprises, a textile company based purely on all natural luxury fabrics, takes their commitment to providing comfort and quality all the way down to the core. You’ll find their comforters in down and wool to have luxuriously plush qualities like none other.

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How to Choose a Color Scheme

If you’re stuck on choosing a color scheme for your bedroom, forget about the latest trends.  Start with something you love. Inspiration can come from heirloom pieces, treasured collections, or special keepsakes.  The delicate embroidery in heirloom pillows can be the starting point for a space with understated elegance.  The vibrant colors of a treasured Persian rug can spark a bold statement.   So pay attention to what is important to you, the emotional response, and the mood you want to set.  Go with colors that speak to you.

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