Kevin O’Brien Studio Metallic Willow Velvet Dec Pillow & Bedding

Kevin O'Brien Studio Metallic Willow Velvet Dec PillowThese hand-painted silk/rayon velvet decorative pillows draw inspiration from art deco and the magnificent willow tree, but expressed through the imagination of Kevin O’Brien Studio. Many people who have been in close proximity to a willow tree have witnessed or experienced the impressive grandeur of these trees. The sound of the branches swaying in the wind are like music composed by a classic composer. The natural draping of the branches and leaves around the tree are absolutely beautiful. This Kevin O’Brien Studio pillow is available in many different sizes. It is also available in bedding as a duvet, sham and throw.

Kevin O’Brien Studio Metallic Willow Velvet Dec Pillow & Bedding

Dransfield & Ross House Alhambra Bedding Collection


Evocative of the iconic royal residence of Albambra in Granada, Dransfield & Ross extracted the keynotes in a realization of this quintessential Moorish aesthetic bedding. The Albambra was created in the fourteenth century during what was perhaps the zenith of Moorish design and culture. The Moorish style of architecture incorporated a wide swath of influences from the broad territory that the Andalusian Moors at that time controlled in Europe as well as North Africa. There is a timelessness and sophistication about Moorish design that we find particularly relevant to our current global sense of the world.

Dransfield & Ross paired this verde gris cotton velvet with ice color linen appliqued in a classic fret pattern for the duvet as well as shams and decorative pillows. Extracting and reducing the fret, they quilted this pattern on the velvet coverlet and on the shams for a subtle play of texture and geometry.

The decorative pillows in this collection include Dransfield & Ross’s silver glazed linen rag knit pillow, against appliqued fret in linen and cotton, velvet ribbon pillows in a modernist geometric application and their jeweled and embroidered pillow in a more organic design to juxtapose against mix of rectilinear textures. The bed skirt is tailored with a velvet ribbon border applique.

Dransfield & Ross House Alhambra Bedding Collection I

Alexandre Turpault Vivienne Sateen Cotton Duvet & Shams


This French designed and manufactured bedding is perfect for contemporary settings.  This modern design’s printed duvet cover displays horizontal vibrant color lines.  It is sure to embellish the decor any bedroom may have. Vivienne is available as a duvet cover, flat sheet, and sham. We also recommend Teo Gazelle pillowcases  and fitted sheets as an addition to this bedding.  More information may be found by visiting:

Alexandre Turpault Vivienne Sateen Cotton Duvet & Shams

Maddie Boo Bella Big Kids Bedding

The Bella bedding ensemble is undeniably charming with its large and bold red blossoms on a white background and paired with stripes and polka dots. This is a custom made bedding set from Maddie Boo Big Kids Bedding.

The Bella childrens bedding collection includes Duvet cover, bedskirt, shams, pillows. Fabrics include Blossom, Roja Stripe, Linen Celery, Jumbo Polka Dot Spring, Cabana Stripe Spring, White Pique, White Flannel.

Fabric samples are available for purchase and can be returned within 30 days for a full refund. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for this custom bedding: Maddie Boo Bella Children’s Bedding