Signoria Platinum Coordinates with Raffaello and Masaccio is proud to be an on-line luxury linen-boutique, carrying many well known designer linens including Signoria. We’ve just added their Platium collection which consists of white Egyptian cotton percale duvet cover, sheets, shams, and pillowcases. Embroidered with 3 beautiful lines of color, Platinum is 400 thread count and coordinates beautifully with Raffaello and Masaccio collections. Now you can mix Raffaello solid with Masaccio quilted and add Platinum embroidered percale sheets to express your personal style. Embroidered detail is available in the same 26 colors.

The Signoria philosophy is explained as “… this is why household linens should no longer be seen as a marginal accessory to be stored away in a cabinet. No longer habit, monotony, routine, household linens have become a furnishing accessory, an ambient, a habitat. This change in perspective, this new sensitivity, typical of Signoria, consists of a certain way of viewing daily life, a search for style that has become synonymous all over the world with casual, natural, elegant good taste: the Tuscan way of life. Free from dusty nostalgia and beaming with radiant vitality. Because Tuscany is a continuation of the Renaissance. It means deep roots as well as modernity. And a look at the landscape. And still being able to arouse amazement.”

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How to Choose a Color Scheme

If you’re stuck on choosing a color scheme for your bedroom, forget about the latest trends.  Start with something you love. Inspiration can come from heirloom pieces, treasured collections, or special keepsakes.  The delicate embroidery in heirloom pillows can be the starting point for a space with understated elegance.  The vibrant colors of a treasured Persian rug can spark a bold statement.   So pay attention to what is important to you, the emotional response, and the mood you want to set.  Go with colors that speak to you.

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