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Ann Gish & Art of Home is proud to introduce Ann Gish & Art of Home fine linens, duvets, coverlets, shams, sheeting, decorative pillows, and curtains. Since their journey began in 1991, Ann Gish designs have adorned celebrities’ homes and appeared in film, TV, and Broadway. Now you can add these uniquely crafted bedding products to your home by shopping on #AnnGish #ArtofHome

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The Purists Lavagna Bedding

The Purists Lavagna Bedding

The Boutis technique of “stuffed” quilting originated in southern France and was often done in intricate designs.   The Purists Lavagna bedding uses the boutis technique to create a simple, yet intricate pattern made with natural 100% organic cotton,  355 thread count.  The pure beauty of the yarns and the texture created by the boutis weave, make this an inviting and cozy fabric for any bedding ensemble.  Available in duvet, throw, coverlet, sham, and decorative pillow. Samples are available.

The Purists Lavagna Bedding

The Purists Kimi Bedding by SDH


Kimi  is a brand new collection in “The Purists Bedding” line.  This jacquard boutis is beautifully woven with a raised pattern. The fabric color is derived from the natural colors of fibers from 80% Egyptian Cotton/ 20% Linen. Kimi is available as a duvet cover, coverlet, throw, sham and decorative pillow.

Most bedding by The Purists unless otherwise noted, is known for being natural and not dyed. The fabric is comfortable and yet durable. Woven in Italy and fabricated in Germany with precision. Sleep well tonight with ………..

The Purists Kimi Bedding

Dransfield & Ross House Alhambra Bedding Collection


Evocative of the iconic royal residence of Albambra in Granada, Dransfield & Ross extracted the keynotes in a realization of this quintessential Moorish aesthetic bedding. The Albambra was created in the fourteenth century during what was perhaps the zenith of Moorish design and culture. The Moorish style of architecture incorporated a wide swath of influences from the broad territory that the Andalusian Moors at that time controlled in Europe as well as North Africa. There is a timelessness and sophistication about Moorish design that we find particularly relevant to our current global sense of the world.

Dransfield & Ross paired this verde gris cotton velvet with ice color linen appliqued in a classic fret pattern for the duvet as well as shams and decorative pillows. Extracting and reducing the fret, they quilted this pattern on the velvet coverlet and on the shams for a subtle play of texture and geometry.

The decorative pillows in this collection include Dransfield & Ross’s silver glazed linen rag knit pillow, against appliqued fret in linen and cotton, velvet ribbon pillows in a modernist geometric application and their jeweled and embroidered pillow in a more organic design to juxtapose against mix of rectilinear textures. The bed skirt is tailored with a velvet ribbon border applique.

Dransfield & Ross House Alhambra Bedding Collection I

Lili Alessandra Jon L Bedding Collection


This daringly bold-scale navy blue and white linen ensemble from Lili Alessandra can breathe pizzazz into any bedroom.  The applique detail on the draperies, throw, and pillows has a certain charm that is wonderfully nostalgic.  An all-white duvet, coverlet, bedskirt, and shams gives a crisp and clean feeling while allowing the navy blue draperies and pillows to pop.  White also showcases furniture shapes that otherwise would go unnoticed.  For an even greater impact, add a few eclectic furnishings.

Lili Alessandra Jon L Bedding Collection

Peacock Alley Gigi Duvet and Coverlet

Gigi bedding by Peacock Alley is now available on This luxury bedding has a pristine appearance with uniquely tiered flanges framing this collection. Gigi is made with a beautiful texture and craftsmanship that adds to its beautiful detail. This collection includes:

  • Coverlet
  • Duvet Cover
  • Blanket Cover
  • Standard Sham
  • King Sham
  • Euro Sham
  • Boudoir Pillow

This collection is imported from Portugal. The blanket cover is made in the USA of imported fabric. Gigi bedding is also machine washable.

Peacock Alley Gigi Duvet and Coverlet

SDH Purists Corfu Bedding

A gorgeous bed covering with texture and natural fiber coloring, the SDH Purists Corfu collection includes a duvet cover, coverlet, shams, and decorative pillows.  As with all Purist bedding, no chemical dyes are used.

Features include:

100% Egyptian Cotton


730 Threads per square inch.

Purists Corfu Bedding