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Kevin O'Brien Studio Bedding

Kevin O'Brien Studio Bedding

Kevin O'Brien Studio designs are sometimes intuitive and sometimes a collaboration of ideas. Elements of nature and the world around us are the inspiration for this unique bedding. Kevin O'Brien has traveled to many corners of the world where skilled craftsmen and women create the most fantastic embroidery for his collections. At his studio located in Philadelphia, PA, each design is taken through a meticulous process to produce the fabric. Dyes are mixed in customized colors and several layers are applied to give each design its unique appearance.

The talents of the Kevin O'Brien Studio team along with his collaborative efforts have produced some of the most spectacular bedding designs and home furnishings available today. We're confident that you will be delighted.

Kevin believes that ..."the bed - for many of us, is our favorite place to be. We love them, we need them, we wreck them every single day. With Kevin O'Brien bedding you are reassembling a work of art each morning, turning its cubist clutter into a serene collage. You do make your bed, don't you?"

Additional bedding choices and colors may be ordered with custom made fabrics as shown on decorative pillows. Please visit Kevin O'Brien Studio Decorative Pillows with Bedding Choices.

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