Kevin O’Brien Studio Times Vol. 1 No. 2 invites you to view the latest Kevin O’Brien Studio Times issue featuring articles about his new bedding line.  If you’ve a fan of the Kevin O’Brien decorative pillows, you’ll be happy to hear about the launch of these amazing bedding ensembles that coordinate with the popular KOB decorative pillows and accessories.   All Kevin O’Brien Studio products are available on

Kevin O’Brien is an artist known for creating the most beautifully dyed-fabric decorative pillows in the world. Those same exquisite dyed fabrics are now available as bedding. To review his artistic creations please click here:

Kevin O’Brien Studio Decorative Pillows & Bedding



Kevin O’Brien Studio Metallic Links Velvet Dec Pillow


You’ve seen it on the runway and now it’s trending in home decor.  There’s something about the lustrous shine of metallic accessories that can change the look of a room.  Add a touch glamour to your home with the Metallic Links velvet decorative pillows from Kevin O’Brien Studio.   Dyes are mixed in customized colors and several layers are applied to give each design its unique appearance.  The added metallic design gives this pillow even more personality and appeal.  Available in 14 amazing colors.  Find the complete line of Kevin O’Brien decorative pillows at

Kevin O’Brien Studio Metallic Links Velvet Dec Pillow

Interview: Kevin O’Brien Studio

KevinObrien_LIfestyle_0928-BlogKevin O’Brien

Chris_Looking_at_Samples-blog KevinObrien_LIfestyle_0606-BlogKevin O’Brien Staff has been offering luxurious decorative pillows and bedding from Kevin O’Brien Studio for many years.  The very popular velvet  pillows, duvets, shams, and throws are handcrafted using a devoré technique that creates a “burnout” effect and are dyed using customized colors.  Other home accessories are created using embellished linens,  printing, and shibori techniques.

The following is an interview with Kevin O’Brien, published by the, a blog for textile designers.  It takes us behind the scenes to see how this gifted artist finds the inspiration for his designs, details about the creative process and his talented staff, and how he got his start in the home textile industry.

Interview as written in:

Photography by Michael Spain Smith

Available on:

Kevin O’Brien Studio Decorative Pillows

Kevin O’Brien Studio Bedding



Kevin O’Brien Studio Ombre Gradients Velvet Decorative Pillow

ombre-gradients-blogsAs the earth rotates the sun’s rays radiates the surface and reflect back with different color hues depending on the intensity and the angle of the illumination. It is a beautiful site to witness whether from a mountain top or space. Kevin O’Brien Studios has created this effect with the Ombre Gradients Velvet Pillow. Each pillow is manufactured with a unique dyeing process that is luxurious to look at and touch. Available in eight different colors.

Kevin O’Brien Studio Ombre Gradients Velvet Dec Pillow

The Allure of Kevin O’Brien Studio Decorative Pillows


The variety of textures, colors, and patterns is what makes handcrafted Kevin O’Brien decorative pillows so enticing.

You’ll fall in love with the rich velvets, colorful prints, nauticals, shibori, embellished linen, and mohair pillows.  Most are available in a number of popular sizes, which means that you’re sure to find just the right accent for any room.

Creating a coordinated look is easy because many of the same color families are found across collections, making mixing and matching effortless.   New colors and patterns are introduced periodically to keep things fresh and stay on trend.

The photo shown is a grouping of Sienna, Burnt Sage & Green/Brown.  Other color groupings include, but are not limited to:

Dusk Blue, Ivory and Slate
Raspberry & Carnelian Red
Blue Topaz, Carnelian Red, & Camel
Robins Egg Blue & Dove Gray
Iris & Silver Gray
Citron, Grass & Moss

Be inspired by the creativity of Kevin O’Brien pillows.  Available at

Kevin O’Brien Moroccan Velvet Dec Pillow

The distinctive motif and vibrant colors of this collection of decorative pillows from Kevin O’Brien Stuido pay homage to the Moroccan style of decorating. It brings to mind the ancient traditions and skilled artistry that has been the eclectic pulse of the Moroccan culture for centuries. Versatile enough to use as visual punch for a dramatic bedroom or to add a decorative touch to a chic and sophisticated living room, the Moroccan velvet pillow makes a striking statement and is sure to spark conversation.

Moroccan is handcrafted in six amazing colors and 14 sizes. Dyes are mixed in customized colors and several layers are applied to give the design its unique appearance.

Kevin O’Brien Moroccan Velvet Dec Pillow

Kevin O’Brien People and Places Dec Pillows

Born from sketches, the People and Places decorative pillows from Kevin O’Brien Studio offer interesting points of view of ordinary people in some fabulous locations and settings such as the NY Library, the Philadelphia Orchestra, a Paris cafe, and the Piazza Navona in Rome.  It’s like looking through a camera’s lens and capturing a moment in time. These colorful new introductions of  artistic pillows will bring a unique aesthetic to your home decor and invite conversation.  Some pillows also have a unexpected back view that complements the front.  All pillows come with zipper closure and a feather-down insert.

Kevin O’Brien People and Places Dec Pillows

Kevin O’Brien Studio Slinky Velvet Dec Pillow

The velvet Slinky pillow by Kevin O’Brien captures the fascinating curves and twists of one of the most fascinating toys of the 20th century.  The original Slinky was a popular toy made from a wire spring that “walked” down stairs and was fun to juggle back and forth between your hands. This pillow is made of silk rayon velvet and dyed in customized colors that will make a great accent piece for most any home decor.  Offered in 18 fabulous colors, its textured properties makes it the perfect companion to most any other pillow.

Available in 14 sizes including boudoir, square, and bolster.

Kevin O’Brien Studio Slinky Velvet Dec Pillow

Kevin O’Brien Paisley Velvet Dec Pillow


Kevin O’Brien Studio specializes in creating beautiful fabrics that are used in his collections of bedding, throws, decorative pillows, draperies, and other home textiles. Customized dyes in luscious colors and specially treated velvets create this amazing classic paisley design. Kevin’s concept of using color groups of different designs, textures, and fibers, allows you to assemble decorative pillows or combine different bedding components for maximum impact.

The Paisley velvet decorative pillow can be paired with most any other velvet pillow, Shibori, woodgrain print, or embellished linen for a unique display of texture and color. Whether you choose Kevin O’Brien pillows for your bed or sofa, the Paisley pillow will make an artistic statement.

Kevin O’Brien Paisley Velvet Dec Pillow

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