Revitalize Your Bedroom with the Luxurious Elegance of Egyptian Cotton

SDH Linens Savona Bedding Collection

Discover the secret to transforming your bedroom into a haven of comfort and style with this sophisticated cotton cover. Crafted from 100% Egyptian Cotton and featuring a stunning 3-color yarn dyed jacquard design, this cover is the perfect addition to any lifestyle. With a thread count of 625 threads per square inch and woven in Italy, it offers a level of luxury that you deserve.

SDH Linens Savona Bedding Collection

Add Italian Chic with this Tile Inspired Bedding

SDH Lancora Linen Bedding

Have you ever wondered how to infuse an air of Italian chic into your interiors effortlessly? This is your answer: a linen jacquard inspired by Italian tile work.

Imagine transforming your room into an Italian villa with the texture and finesse of Italian tile work, only softer and more elegant. This isn’t just any fabric, but a 100% linen, yarn-dyed jacquard woven masterfully in Italy.

Every inch of its design breathes the aesthetics of Italian craftsmanship, a symbol of modern elegance. It doesn’t just add style but tells a story — a story of timeless beauty and exceptional quality.

Wrap your world in the embrace of this linen jacquard and witness your surroundings come alive in an unparalleled blend of sophistication and comfort. Because everyone deserves a piece of Italy in their home.

SDH Lancora Linen Bedding

Trava Bedding by SDH Bedding From Italy with Love – A Fusion of Silk and Cotton Crafted to Perfection

Embark on a captivating journey to Italy, where the finest fabric artisans have created a true masterpiece: SDH’s Trava. This enchanting blend of silk and cotton takes center stage in the world of textile craftsmanship, boasting an abstract design that exudes movement and depth. Learn about the intricate techniques employed to weave this extraordinary fabric and uncover the countless possibilities it holds for enhancing your home decor. Allow the allure of Trava to transport you to a realm of unrivaled elegance and beauty.

SDH Fine European Linens Trava Bedding

A Bedding Design with many Interpretations!

Signoria Manarola Jacquard Duvet & Sham Fabric Sample
Available in blue or silver sage

The jacquard design of this bedding is like a Rorschach test that brings pleasant thoughts to mind. Perhaps you might visualize a Peacock with feathers spread out in all its glory. Maybe a palm leaf? Or a burst of light in the night sky? Whatever interpretation you choose, these beautiful Signoria Manarola bed linens will give your bedroom a luxurious makeover. Add this style and beauty to your bedroom by clicking here:

Signoria Manarola Jacquard Duvet & Sham

A Calming Floral Look For Bedrooms

Anne de Solene Autrefois Bedding Collection
Available on DefiningEleganceDotCom

Dress your bedroom for Spring with this bedding featuring a herbarium-style floral with a warm off-white background. The design captures the blossoming of a wildflower seed mix planted early in spring. The display is miraculous, dazzling, and mentally warming. Now you can feel the mood every time you enter your bedroom. Please click here to get started:

Anne de Solene Autrefois Bedding Collection

Beautiful Painted Full Bloom Roses Bedding

Anne de Solene Alcove Bedding Collection

DefiningEleganceDotCom is excited to present the Anne de Solene bedding and bath products designed in France. This beautiful Euro print displays gorgeous blooming roses. If you are looking for a light spring look for your bedroom, this should be on your list of choices. Available as a duvet, flat sheet, fitted sheet, sham, and pillowcase. For more information, please click here:

Anne de Solene Alcove Bedding Collection

Designers Guild Chenevard Espresso & Birch Quilts & Pillowcases

Designers Guild Chenevard Espresso & Birch Quilts & Pillowcases
Hand Quilted – Contrast Cross Detail.

This Throw and Sham by Designers Guild is made of silk fabric in deep colors of espresso and birch. The decorative stitching highlights the perfectly hand-quilted stitch that has been admired since the beginning of quilt making. Comfortable as well as beautiful, perfect for many bedroom settings. You may find this bedding collection and other Designers Guild collections on DefiningEleganceDotCom, your destination for fine linens, bedding ensembles, and more. Please visit:

Designers Guild Chenevard – Espresso & Birch

Designers Guild Chenevard – Blossom & Peach Quilt

The Blossom & Peach-colored coverlet and sham are a beautiful addition to your bedroom. We love the soft pastel colors, a beautiful match for modern bedrooms to use alone or to coordinate with a floral duvet. The fabric is a lovely silk, an attractive choice for its luster and softness! You may find this bedding collection and other Designers Guild collections on DefiningEleganceDotCom.

Please visit: Designers Guild Chenervard Blossom & Peach Quilts & Pillowcases

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