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… what is baby alpaca all about?

SOUTH AMERICAN ANDES –  The extra smooth, non-pilling blanket  “ATTITUDE”  together with the matching cushions are all made of the material baby alpaca. THE ZOEPPRITZ explains what this is all about: The alpaca or alpaka is a kind of camel in the South American Andes. The hair of the young animals is extremely light, silkily soft and doesn’t scratch. If the alpacas are cropped not more than once a year, the unique resource baby alpaca results from it. By the way: It doesn’t contain lanolin, this is why it is also highly appropriate for persons allergic to wool.

 Zoeppritz Attitude – Alpaca Throw & Pillows

Zoeppritz Attitude – Alpaca Throw & Pillows

Since 1828, Zoeppritz has been offering the world fabulous blankets in natural fibers.  The Attitude throw and decorative pillow from Zoeppritz is their newest introduction made from “baby” alpaca, the most rare and finest classification of alpaca fiber.   Known to be incredibly soft to the touch, the alpaca fiber is extremely strong, yet lightweight and warm. Available in 22 luscious colors, the Attitude collection has a color to suit most any decor or color scheme.  The throw measures a generous 51 x 79 inches and the pillow is a boudoir size at 12 x 16 inches.  Both throw and pillow have fringe detail.

Zoeppritz Attitude – Alpaca Throw & Pillows

Zoeppritz Colors

We are pleased to introduce new colors in Zoeppritz blankets, throws, decorative pillows, furs, and more. A new master color chart that encompasses all the colors offered across all collections will help guide clients in their search for the perfect color in bedding accessories. Color choices will vary for each collection. Please visit Zoeppritz to view all the current collections and colors. Here is the new master color chart showcasing the current Zoeppritz colors: