Kevin O’Brien Studio Ombre Gradients Velvet Decorative Pillow

ombre-gradients-blogsAs the earth rotates the sun’s rays radiates the surface and reflect back with different color hues depending on the intensity and the angle of the illumination. It is a beautiful site to witness whether from a mountain top or space. Kevin O’Brien Studios has created this effect with the Ombre Gradients Velvet Pillow. Each pillow is manufactured with a unique dyeing process that is luxurious to look at and touch. Available in eight different colors. Kevin O’Brien Studio Ombre Gradients Velvet Dec Pillow

Kevin O’Brien Studio Striped Ogee Velvet Dec Pillow

The Striped Ogee velvet decorative pillows by Kevin O’Brien Studio are not only beautiful and functional, they also create an illusion.  Ogee is an architectual term referring to a molding with an S-shaped profile or an arch with two opposite concave curves flowing into a convex curve, forming a point.

These Ogee luxurious throw pillows have diagonal stripes, which forms straight lines.  So why is it called Ogee?  The pillows are actually stripes within stripes and if you look closely you’ll see that the position of the stripe colors cleverly creates a gentle S curve.

The Striped Ogee are made with hand-painted silk and rayon velvet and are offered in a variety of colors.  All pillows come with zipper closure and a feather-down insert.

Kevin O’Brien Studio Striped Ogee Velvet Dec Pillow