Adagio Water Features

Adagio Water Feature Packing.
Adagio Water Tank Manufacturing
Stone Stock for Fountain
CNC Machine Tool (for cutting metal and punching holes)
Paint Baker
Paint Baker
Adagio Water Features Fountain
Adagio Water Features Fountain recently visited Adagio Water Features. We have an ongoing policy of making ourselves better informed about the manufacturers we represent and to make sure manufacturers meet our high quality standards.

Our visit confirmed that Adagio meets high manufacturing standards.  Many metal parts are cut and formed with precision machinery. Workers are well trained and bend the metal edges to create the fountains. All water connections and vessels are pressure tested to make sure that they do not leak water. Metal painted surfaces are baked to harden the finish. In addition, fountains are shipped in special packing materials to minimize damage in transit.

We are convinced attention to details and high quality materials make Adagio water fountains the ultimate decor for any home.

Adagio Water Features

M A Trading Area Rug Sale is now offering 20% off all M.A. Trading area rugs.  M.A. Trading and their brands; MAT the Basics, MAT Orange, and MAT Vintage offer a wide range of hand knotted, hand tufted, hand woven, or machine made rugs that will appeal to both traditional and contemporary tastes.  Today’s area rugs not only function to separate or define areas, but they can also add pizzazz to any room.  You’ll love the transformation.

Hurray!  Sale ends January 20, 2014.

Kevin O’Brien Studio Slinky Velvet Dec Pillow

The velvet Slinky pillow by Kevin O’Brien captures the fascinating curves and twists of one of the most fascinating toys of the 20th century.  The original Slinky was a popular toy made from a wire spring that “walked” down stairs and was fun to juggle back and forth between your hands. This pillow is made of silk rayon velvet and dyed in customized colors that will make a great accent piece for most any home decor.  Offered in 18 fabulous colors, its textured properties makes it the perfect companion to most any other pillow.

Available in 14 sizes including boudoir, square, and bolster.

Kevin O’Brien Studio Slinky Velvet Dec Pillow Introduces Kevin O’Brien Decorative Pillows

Kevin O'Brien Decorative Pillows proudly introduces Kevin O’Brien to its product line, offering an impressive array of handmade decorative pillows to bring a unique decorative touch to any room in your home. Each fabric starts with a sketch and then follows a meticulous process to transfer the design onto the fabric. Dyes are mixed in customized colors and several layers are applied to give each design its unique appearance.

Linen, velvets, silks, and other textiles are used for a luxurious look and feel.

For more information, please visit:
Kevin O’Brien or view all the bedding and decorative accent selections at Defining Elegance .

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