Defining Elegance Defining Elegance

These beautiful coverlets provide both function and asthetics for your bedding. A coverlet is a thin quilted or woven bedcover that can be used in addition to or as your main cover. It provides extra warmth, texture, and a luxurious touch to your bedding.

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RB Casa Venezia


Purists Pouf Bedding


SDH's Corfu Jacquard is 100% Egyptian cotton and has a 802 thread count.

It's design style that evokes the serenity and peace-of-mind found in Far East cultures.

Exquisite, all-natural SDH bedding line that is brushed with color.

A popular, small scale jacquard pattern in a divine blend of cashmere, silk and Egyptian Cotton.


This exquisite, all-natural SDH bedding line that is brushed with color.

Expect the unexpected. A classic understated collection that is both extravagant and effortless, modern and classic, urban and pastoral.

SDH Xerxes Coverlets & Shams



SDH's silken Legna has reached new heights with their luxurious quilt.

Peacock Alley Oxford Coverlets and Shams is a diamond matelasse available with scalloped or tailored hem.