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SDH Fine Fabric Accessories

SDH Accessories

Your fine linens are a personal investment and if cared for properly, will provide pure enjoyment and beauty that will last for years.

SDH Fine Fabric Wash with its clean citrus scent, will effectively and safely clean and deodorize your fine washables. It rinses away clean without leaving any damaging residue to break down fabric fibers.

Formulated with natural enzymes and without any unnecessary harsh chemicals or bleaches.

The Dryer Sachet features a high thread count fabric filled with 100% pure French Lavender blossoms. The moisture in your clothes/linens and the heat of your dryer act as a "steamer" to the sachet, helping to renew the blossoms and release their wonderfully clean, fresh fragrance into your wash. Each sachet is completely natural with no chemicals added.

Fine Fabric Wash, Dryer Sachets

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SDH Fine Fabric Wash
Buy a box of 6 and save $18.00.

Fine Fabric Wash
Fine Fabric Wash Box of 6
32 oz bottles
Fine Fabric Wash 32 oz $31.00

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SDH Dryer Sachets
Fresh, clean lavender scent. Add sachet to your dryer load. Each sachet is effective for 6-10 loads. Two sachets per package.

Buy 3 packages (total of 6 sachets)and save $18.00.

Dryer Sachets
Dryer Sachets Set of 6 $96.00
Dryer Sachets Set of 2 $38.00