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Kevin O'Brien Studio

Kevin O'Brien Studio

Kevin O'Brien produces some of the most beautiful velvets and other fabrics using custom dyes. Early on he realized that his studio wasn't big enough for all of the additional projects he wanted to undertake. Several years ago he created partnerships in Nepal and China which have allowed the studio to create products that are just as unique as what Kevin had always done, but with a fresh new look.

Their Nepal partnership with a 35-person collective do the hand-weaving and hand-embroidery for the linen and merino wool products that are made for the Kevin O'Brien pillows and bedding. In China, Kevin was able to set up a small workshop to do a special type of hand-coloring that gives the silk fabrics their special luminescence. He chose China for this part of his production system because of their long history of working with silk. Together, the production team of Kevin O'Brien continues to produce a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns for the home with their unique and expertly crafted fabrics. Please click here to learn more about Kevin O'Brien Studio.

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