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Hefel Bed Linen - Duvets & Pillow Shams

Hefel Bedding

Hefel Bedding has created a wide range of bedding that is as individual as each person's sleeping patterns. HEFEL quilts, HEFEL pillows and HEFEL mattress toppers are noteworthy for offering a sometimes very diverse set of product characteristics. All the products in the HEFEL PREMIUM bedding range epitomizes their pursuit of quality, feeling of responsibility for a truly unique natural environment and a determination to achieve perfection. They remain focused on a clear concept to guarantee the perfection of their products. 100% made in Austria.

TENCEL® is a fibre made 100% from wood. Its natural actively breathable characteristics are ideal for top quality bedding products and also have a long track record in sports clothing and fine fashion textile production. TENCEL® is made in an environmentally-friendly and energy-saving way in a closed production cycle. TENCEL® achieves its exceptional characteristics without the use of chemical additives and is exclusively manufactured by Lenzing AG, an Austrian company. The positive characteristics of TENCEL® have been tested on numerous occasions and awarded many prizes.

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