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Fibre by Auskin Cowhide Decorative Pillows

Fibre by Auskin - Lambskin Rugs - Longwool Pillows & Cushions

Fibre by Auskin offers a beautiful collection of cushions and rugs - mix and match with their tactile collections. Cowhide does vary from hide to hide, so colors will change from light to dark. This is a natural occurrence with all natural fibers. is proud to offer the Fibre by Auskin line of decorative pillow - unique products for the home and lifestyles of today. An array of innovative interior design rugs in a variety of natural textures are available in hues of earthy tones. Bringing luxury and style to every room of the house, Auskin lambskins are the perfect accessory to adorn your hardwood floors.

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Fibre by Auskin