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*Maddie Boo Jamie Baby Bedding

We're sorry...  Maddie Boo Baby Bedding is no longer available...We recommend baby bedding from: Lulla Smith and SDH Baby

Maddie Boo Jamie Baby Bedding

Jamie Baby Bedding with beautiful Flat style in Crabapple Stripe fabric skirt with crib bumper outside and inside minky smooth white, welt in crabapple stripe, ties in aqua polka dot.

Custom orders are not returnable or exchangeable. A 60% deposit is required on all orders. Ships in 4-6 weeks.

Bumper, crib skirt 20" drop, crib sheet, crib blanket, crib coverlet, throw pillow, toy bag, fabrics, moses basket, accessories

Minky Smooth White, Aqua Polka Dot, Aqua Ticking, Crabapple Stripe, White Flannel.

General Care Instructions: Wash on delicate and hang to dry.

All pillows and crib coverlets should not be used in crib with baby. Bumpers should re removed from the crib when baby begins to pull up. If carrying a baby in the moses basket, never use the handles only. Be sure to support the bottom of the basket as well. Once the baby can roll over or weighs about 14 pounds, the moses basket should be discontinued.

Maddie Boo Baby Bedding