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*Kevin OBrien Studio Baroque Tiles Decorative Pillow

Color: Blush
Swatch Available.
Color: Coral
Swatch Available.
Color: Indigo
Swatch Available.
Color: Mint
Swatch Available.
Color: Shale
Swatch Available.

Kevin O'Brien Embellished Baroque Tiles Decorative Pillow

Pillows are excellent representations of Baroque art and architecture of early 17th century Italy. Each pillow is hand made with 100% linen and embroidered with silk appliqué. All pillows come with zipper closure and a feather-down insert.

This is a special order item. Special orders are not returnable or exchangeable. A 60% deposit is required on all orders. Usually ships in 4-6 weeks, but due to the nature of the various fabric processes involved, a longer shipping period may be necessary.

Please note that with any handcrafted product, colors may vary from samples.

Blush, Coral, Indigo, Mint, Shale

Kevin O'Brien Studio Decorative Pillows