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Hefel Clima Mattress Protector

Clima Mattress Protector

HEFEL mattress protectors are always the right choice. These protectors are approx. 2 inch thick and have been specifically designed to improve sleeping comfort and increase the lifespan of the mattress. They also help achieve optimum pressure relief for the body and pleasantly compensate for a mattress that is too hard.

The HEFEL Clima mattress protector can be likened to an ecological air conditioning system. It provides heat insulation and rapidly removes moisture away from the body. In winter no warmth is lost, in summer it prevents a build-up of heat and moisture. These comfortable mattress pads thus ensure a better sleeping climate.

  • Improves sleeping comfort and increases the lifespan of the mattress
  • Optimal pressure relief for the body
  • Ecological air conditioning system
  • Heat insulation and moisture management

All Hefel are products are Special Order items, made in Austria. All Hefel orders require a 60% deposit, due at the time the order is placed. The balance will be charged the day of shipping. Hefel orders cannot be returned or exchanged for other merchandise.

Fully Refundable 15-Day Fabric Samples
Samples allow you to see and touch fabrics in your own environment. We highly recommend purchasing our fabric samples prior to purchasing a special order item.

4-6 weeks

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Hefel Protector Clima

Starting at $369.00

Hefel Protector Clima
Hefel Protector Clima

●Fabric: Upperside: 100 % cotton sateen, colour white; Underside: 100 % cotton, colour whitewith corner elastics, square stitchingregularly airing, not washable
●Filling: 50/50 % HEFEL-Tencel/maize

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