Doria by The Purists 100% Organic Cotton Bedding

The Purists Doria 100% Organic Cotton Bedding

Doria by The Purists…… a contemporary free-formed pattern created from vegetable dyed fibers and woven in Italy.  #DefiningElegance #ThePurists

I remember shopping with my grandmother many years ago where she purchased a duvet cover for me.  Only it wasn’t labeled a “duvet”.  It was simply a “cover” for comforters.  I remember that it was a green floral cotton and not particularly attractive.  But in those days, there weren’t many options available.  Fast forward about 45 years, I have fond memories of that day and I like to think that my grandmother had something to do with my fondness for bedding now.

Traditions Linens Blankets & Matelasse

Traditions Linens Blankets & Matelasse

Three Traditions Linens blanket collections, three choices for added luxury and warmth.  #DefiningElegance #TraditionsLinens

Sacha blankets and throws are a soft and plush cotton thermal, finished with an amazing stone washing process   A wonderfully soft stone washed cotton, with an ultra brushed finish and matching twill tape trim, Kashmina is hard working and versatile.   Suzi matelasse has an engineered design beautifully crafted with a unique border.

Traditions Linens Blankets & Matelasse


Traditions Linens – Designing Bedding Your Way

Traditions Linens - Designing Bedding Your Way

Let the Traditions Linens Renata bedding bring out the designer in you.  #TraditionsLinens #DefiningElegance  This bedding applies two contrasting colors in a wide band on your choice of Italian base sheeting.  With 30 colors to choose from for the banding and your preference for a sateen or percale base, this bedding combines your design needs with the fine craftsmanship of Traditions Linens.

Traditions Linens Bedding Renata Collection