Lili Alessandra Industry Recognition


We are very proud to display Lili Alessandra Luxury Bedding on Lili Alessandra was recently named the Home Textiles Manufacturer of the Year at the 26th Annual Arts Awards Gala on January 16th in Dallas. This award confirmed our glowing feelings about Lili Alessandra.

Sandra Hernandez Yedor, President, mentioned, “Our company has fashioned a distinctive collection focused on beauty, elegance and innovation, and we’re delighted to be recognized for these efforts.”

We concur with that statement and so do our customers. Lili Alessandra borrows heavily from classic designs and yet is so modern making it eclectic. It’s an amazing collection in which colors and styles can be mixed together to create unique personal effects. invites everyone to examine the Lili Alessandra collection and discover the refreshing uniqueness that this collection will bring to your home. Please click here for more information: