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Ann Gish Stria & Ring Bedding Collection

Ann Gish Stria & Ring Bedding Collection
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Stria and Ring Collection by Ann Gish

Ultra-modern and daring make a beautiful splash this bedding decor.


  • Stria's quilted textural weave combines with Rings, a graphic layered pattern in jewel tones.
  • Dry clean only
  • 100% polyester reversing to 100% cotton

ACCESSORIES (As shown in left image):   ●Stria Pillows in Bronze & Pumice  ●Ring Pillows in Copper, Azure, Periwinkle, and Cobalt  ●Silk Band Sheets in White/Mystery  ●Stria Coverlet in Pumice and Bronze  ●Ring Throw in Cobalt  ●Stria & Ring Collection & Accessories.

Ann Gish

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