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Alexandre Turpault Ulysse Linen Bedding

Alexandre Turpault Ulysse Linen Bedding
Alexandre Turpault Ulysse Linen Bedding - Swatches may be available.
Alexandre Turpault Ulysse Linen Bedding
Alexandre Turpault Ulysse Linen Bedding - Swatches may be available.

Alexandre Turpault Ulysse

The ULYSSE bed set is inspired by a long-term cabotage on the capricious waves of the Mediterranean. The sea becomes a metaphor for the infinite, with its horizons never reached, its waves agitated incessantly back and forth and wild waves dwindling in fine lines that set off again, washed away by the currents. The stripes of this model sound falsely wise and unveil in trompe-l'oeil. Composed of fine touches, herringbone or hatching, like the stylized imprint of a wavelet, the motifs are prolonged indefinitely. The back worked in fine pointillist stripes provides a slight visual contrast for even more brightness. The palette of colors invokes the open sea in blue and white but will also seduce all lovers of stripes. Finishes double saddle stitch on the pillowcases and the sheet. The digital print on summer linen gives it a very soft touch and a refined texture. Light, fresh and comfortable!

  • The duvet cover of the ULYSSE bed set collection found its inspiration on the Mediterranean coast. Its delicate stripes create a sophisticated look. The little dots stripes of the reverse side bring light to the design and create a beautiful contrast. The open ocean-atmosphere is living with the white and blue colors used on this beautiful duvet cover. To enhance the look of your bed set, put a blue/ platinum MONTAIGNE throw on your bed.
  • ULYSSE flat sheet, made of European pure linen, offers a wonderful oceanic look. It was inspired by the Mediterranean coast and its blue and white colors recreate the open sea ambiance. With a soft touch and a bright look, this flat sheet is light, fresh and comfortable!
  • ULYSEE pillowcase is inspired by the Mediterranean coast. Drawn with fine stripes, the pattern is perpetually extended and offers a stylish design. The reverse side is drawn with little dots fine stripes to create a contrast and bring even more light. The blue and white colors remind of the open ocean. The pillowcases are adorned of a delicate 0.8" flange, a double stitch, and a double flap. The ULYSEE pure linen pillowcase is fresh, light and comfortable!

Ordering Terms:
Alexandre Turpault products are Special Order items and therefore, not eligible for returns or exchanges. Requires $750.00 minimum order. A $50.00 surcharge will be added to all under minimum orders. Cancellation of orders can only be accepted if done prior to production. A 60% deposit is required and will be processed with 1-2 days of submitting the order. The balance is billed when the order ships. Ships in approximately 4 weeks. To insure that you will be happy with your purchase, we highly recommend taking advantage of our fully refundable sample program prior to placing an order.

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Alexandre Turpault Bedding

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