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Dual Color Cowhide Decorative Pillow

Lumbar Cowhide Dec Pillow

Dual Color Cowhide Decorative Pillow

The cowhides used in these pillow are chosen from hides that allow the facing side of the pillow to keep it's unbroken natural pattern. The opposite side of the pillow is a plain leather covering.

Please note that with any natural product, colors and fur appearance or appearance may vary from the image shown or from pillow to pillow. We are unable to supply the same pattern or exact color on multiple pillow orders because nature makes each hide unique and different.

All pillows come with a polyester insert.

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Black/White, Hereford Red/White

Fur & Hides Decorative Pillows

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Dual Colored Cowhide Dec Pillow
Includes polyester insert.

Cow Hide Dec Pillow
Lumbar Dec Pillow 12x24 $138.00
Dec Pillow 20x20 $138.00
Dec Pillow 30x30 $298.00