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Stone Stock for Fountain


CNC Machine Tool (for cutting metal and punching holes)

Paint Baker

Paint Baker

Adagio Water Features Fountain

Adagio Water Features Fountain recently visited Adagio Water Features. We have an ongoing policy of making ourselves better informed about the manufacturers we represent and to make sure manufacturers meet our high quality standards.

Our visit confirmed that Adagio meets high manufacturing standards.  Many metal parts are cut and formed with precision machinery. Workers are well trained and bend the metal edges to create the fountains. All water connections and vessels are pressure tested to make sure that they do not leak water. Metal painted surfaces are baked to harden the finish. In addition, fountains are shipped in special packing materials to minimize damage in transit.

We are convinced attention to details and high quality materials make Adagio water fountains the ultimate decor for any home.

Adagio Water Features