Decorative Accents

Lili Alessandra Karl Platinum Decorative Pillows and Coordinated Bedding

If you’re yearning for a bedroom with a glamorous vibe, look no further than Lili Alessandra bedding collections.  This palate of platinum and silver tones features Karl decorative pillows, Chloe quilted velvet coverlet and pillows, the Moderne silver personal blanket, and coordinating SoHo sheets.  Creating a designer look has never been easier!

Lili Alessandra Karl Ivory Basketweave with Platinum Velvet Bedding Collection


Kevin O'Brien Studio Triangles Velvet Decorative Pillow

A new introduction from Kevin O’Brien Studio, the graphic Triangles velvet pillow is rich in colors and bold design.  They’re handmade to order and available in a range of sizes.  We invite you to view all 11 colors in this collection as well as more offerings from Kevin O’Brien Studio at

Johanna Howard Home and Accessories

Johanna Howard alpaca throws and decorative pillows in gorgeous colors and designs will enhance any home.  Alpaca is lightweight, water repellent, warmer than wool, and hypoallergenic, making it the perfect fiber for many beautiful home accessories.  Positively inviting!

Johanna Howard Home and Accessories


After 20 years in haute couture, Evelyne Prélonge created a line of luxuriously soft faux fur coverlets, throws, runners, and decorative pillows.  To create a high density faux fur, each Evelyne Prélonge product is knitted with more thin threads per square inch than other faux furs on the market.  All collections are made in France.

Evelyne Prelonge Faux Fur


Lulla Smith Bedding Emerson Douillette/Comforter & Dec Pillows

To be honest, I had never heard of a “douillette” (pronounced doo-yet) before offering this item on our website.  It’s French meaning – cozy, snug, comfortable – seems the perfect description for this silk velvet 53×67″ throw and decorative pillows finished with silk dupioni flange and gathered corners.  Available in five colorways and includes a down filler.  It may have a French name, but this douillette is handcrafted on the coast of Maine, USA.   Love it!

Lulla Smith Bedding Emerson Douillette/Throw & Dec Pillows


Pyar & Co Decorative Pillows

A favorite decorating makeover is to swap out pillows when you want new colors or textures to freshen the look of room.  If you’re as crazy about decorative pillows as we are, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve just added Pyar & Co. pillows to our website,  In addition, we’re having a sale on select pillows.  Some are 25% off, others are 50% off.  Hurry while supplies last!  This sale ends May 31, 2016.

Pyar & Co. decorative pillows – On sale now through May 31, 2016 at!

Fibre by Auskin Cowhide Decorative Pillows

Enjoy these brilliantly designed and colorful cowhide embellished pillows from Fibre by Auskin. Perfect for adding a splash of color or as an unexpected accent to your space.  You’ll want several to keep on hand for an easy room update.

Fibre by Auskin Cowhide Decorative Pillows


Handmade weave in varying hues and textures gives each Cozi fringed throw & pillow from Couture Dreams that comfy feeling, perfect for a relaxing evening.  These dreamy accents are simple yet look like they are rare American antique pieces that would probably be impossible to find today.  Add a Cozi pillow or throw to your room for visual impact and to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that your family and guests will love.

Couture Dreams Cozi Knit Throw

Couture Dreams Cozi Woven Decorative Pillow

These soft textured pillows from Fibre by Auskin are woven with camel hair.  The pillows are available in three different styles: Basketweave, Bordered Panel and Flatweave. The neutral colors are perfect for just about any decorating style.

Fibre by Auskin Woven Camel Decorative Pillow

Kevin O'Brien Studio Metallic Willow Velvet Dec PillowThese hand-painted silk/rayon velvet decorative pillows draw inspiration from art deco and the magnificent willow tree, but expressed through the imagination of Kevin O’Brien Studio. Many people who have been in close proximity to a willow tree have witnessed or experienced the impressive grandeur of these trees. The sound of the branches swaying in the wind are like music composed by a classic composer. The natural draping of the branches and leaves around the tree are absolutely beautiful. This Kevin O’Brien Studio pillow is available in many different sizes. It is also available in bedding as a duvet, sham and throw.

Kevin O’Brien Studio Metallic Willow Velvet Dec Pillow & Bedding

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