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Fibre by Auskin Sheepskin Shearling Design Pillows

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Fibre by Auskin Shearling Design Pillows Collection

The Shearling Design Pillows are offered in many different patterns (as shown above) and will be the perfect companion for Shearling Design Rugs! These luxe 24" pillows are a comfy accessory to any interior. Pillow reverses to fabric back.

Boa, Branches, Ceasar, Dalmation (White on Black), Dalmation (Black on White), Marco, Peony (White on Violet), Peony (Violet on White), Spartan, Stones, Zebra

Auskin - Lambskin Rugs - Longwool Pillows & Cushions Peony White/Violet Violet/White Dalmation pillow White/Black Black/White

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Auskin Shearling Design Pillows
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Auskin Shearling Design Pillows Collection
Single Sided Cushion 22" Square $110.00